Start Smaller

Have you ever felt overwhelmed? The problem with anxiety, avoidance, and procrastination… Is that they can be deceptive and illusions. For example, the fear that a particular project is going to be a pain in the ass May cause someone to avoid it completely. Yet, what has that person learned? They have learned to avoid … Continue reading Start Smaller

Design Your Life Like An Architect

Have you ever seen a rendering of a building? Like I’m talking before an architect builds anything… You see… Architexts are asked to submit to the customer and city strict images, video, and blueprints of what will be built. This includes size, specifications, colors, you name it! In fact, a rendering is an exact example … Continue reading Design Your Life Like An Architect

The Sky is the Limit for You

You can do all things. Once you master your mind Reduce all anxieties See the Vision Make the plan and do the work! Then… The Sky is the Limit for You! Cheers,

How and why to build 7 income streams

Have you ever heard that you should build 7 income streams? Have you ever wondered why that is? If you’re an entrepreneur, personal development junkie, or business owner… This post is for you. When I was 17 years old I read a book called how to build multiple streams of income by Robert Allen To … Continue reading How and why to build 7 income streams

5 Tips to Grow Your Business Today

Are you ready to grow your business? There are many ways to grow and thousands of people telling you how to do it… But these 5 tips can take you to the top! 1. Standardization: If you want to grow, you have to standardize core processes. A good business runs like a machine where everything … Continue reading 5 Tips to Grow Your Business Today