Start Smaller

Have you ever felt overwhelmed? The problem with anxiety, avoidance, and procrastination… Is that they can be deceptive and illusions. For example, the fear that a particular project is going to be a pain in the ass May cause someone to avoid it completely. Yet, what has that person learned? They have learned to avoid … Continue reading Start Smaller

The Sky is the Limit for You

You can do all things. Once you master your mind Reduce all anxieties See the Vision Make the plan and do the work! Then… The Sky is the Limit for You! Cheers,

Copy this technique and get rich quick

Have you ever copied someone? Hmm… don’t answer that. Actually, yeah… please keep that to yourself haha. It’s funny, because in school and university we are penalized for copying others. Yet in the real world of business, it can help to copy others. “Brock, what are you saying?” Yes. That’s right, I said it… copy … Continue reading Copy this technique and get rich quick