Product Market Fit is a Myth

Product Market Fit - We have all heard it before - Conduct focus groups, do the market research, find out what surveys reveal by asking the right questions. But are the above facts really true? Or just a bunch of bullshit we’ve been led to believe. I think it’s a question worth asking. Let me … Continue reading Product Market Fit is a Myth

Follow what’s growing

I always like to know what’s growing… What cities? What friends? What industries? What companies? What countries? Put yourself in context of growth Watch yourself rise with less effort Or maintain the same activities yet rise faster than if remaining in… Stagnant cities. With stagnant friends. Or worse… Declining industries/people/places/things Etc Cheers, And have a … Continue reading Follow what’s growing

5 Tips to Grow Your Business Today

Are you ready to grow your business? There are many ways to grow and thousands of people telling you how to do it… But these 5 tips can take you to the top! 1. Standardization: If you want to grow, you have to standardize core processes. A good business runs like a machine where everything … Continue reading 5 Tips to Grow Your Business Today

Shining light on the “Find Your Purpose” Crap! – Pt. 1

You’ve heard it before. The Facebook Gurú, or YouTube Ad, saying if you can only find your purpose… you’ll be successful. Better yet, they’ll help you get centered with who you are and what you should dedicate your life to. It sounds great. Actually, it sounds better than great. Best of all? (For the “guru” … Continue reading Shining light on the “Find Your Purpose” Crap! – Pt. 1