You are you’re number one asset

You are you’re number one asset. What does that mean? What it means is that you are an asset that has the ability to produce cash through the various services and products that you may sell. Because you are an asset you can improve your productivity. If you can improve your productivity you can improve … Continue reading You are you’re number one asset

How to get promoted

Your 6 months on the job, you get a massive raise, your boss loves you, you can’t wait for the future, and more money is coming in then ever before. Plus… You’re happier than you’ve ever been and all is well in the world. Okay okay that is idealistic… But before we go there. How … Continue reading How to get promoted

The Sky is the Limit for You

You can do all things. Once you master your mind Reduce all anxieties See the Vision Make the plan and do the work! Then… The Sky is the Limit for You! Cheers,

Follow what’s growing

I always like to know what’s growing… What cities? What friends? What industries? What companies? What countries? Put yourself in context of growth Watch yourself rise with less effort Or maintain the same activities yet rise faster than if remaining in… Stagnant cities. With stagnant friends. Or worse… Declining industries/people/places/things Etc Cheers, And have a … Continue reading Follow what’s growing