Entrepreneurship is Not What it Looks

Have you ever heard the glamour of being an entrepreneur?

The riches, the cars, the money…

The problem with this crap is it’s BS.

My experience has been anything but glamorous.

I see the wins of others and think to myself… damn I must be doing this all wrong?

Or maybe they were somehow right first try.

Over the years, I’ve had all this energy Ive tried to harness into proper fuel…

But one idea doesn’t work. Than another. Than another.

The uncertainty stays and the success is not guaranteed.

What do you say we all start being honest about how crappy it can be.

  1. The risk
  2. The uncertainty
  3. Others winning while currently losing

It takes an incredible amount of gratitude and appreciation to not let this bother me.

Do you feel the same?

Although I don’t want any other pursuit, besides one of agency and autonomy that entrepreneurship provides… it doesn’t make it easier.

What are you thoughts? Post below