How to name a new business

Have you struggled to decide on a business name? The reason why you’re struggling is because you’re uncertain if you’ll like it And of course if the market will like it And if it’ll stand the test of time All these are valid concerns… Well, after founding over 10 companies I can tell you exactly … Continue reading How to name a new business

Why most entrepreneurs fail

Have you ever had an idea or business that you wanted to implement? Do you want to know the difference between entrepreneurs that fail and entrepreneurs that succeed? The difference is so subtle that you just might miss it! Hi I’m Brock Laramee and today I’m writing about the reason where I have failed in … Continue reading Why most entrepreneurs fail

3 Strategies to Buy Your Time and Never Work Again

Have you ever felt stuck like you want to get ahead, but can’t? Or frustrated when a business strategy didn’t work? Or are you calling BS on my ability to deliver the title above? Throughout my life I’ve been focused one the thing - being successful. Yet, for awhile, I didn’t define that clearly enough. … Continue reading 3 Strategies to Buy Your Time and Never Work Again