Business for Businesses Sake Vs Business Lifestyle Design

Are you stuck working around the clock for someone you don’t like?

Or are you stuck inside your own business working 12+ hour days 7 days a week?

Both of these take away from the Human Experience to enjoy life today.

What if you could build a life where your time is independent of Cashflow and the less you worked the more you made?

That would be a dream!

Well, there’s people all over the world today doing just that.

Here are two ways to do so and how they can impact your life.

  1. Make an acquisition of an existing cash flowing business
  2. Create a side business that makes 2X Your current job income with very little hours per week

Each of these options can free up cash, so you can live today!

Couple that with moving to a different country where the US dollar buys a much more lavish lifestyle (I’m a US Citizen).

Using the US dollar to Cashflow from a business step 1 or 2 while living in another country where your money is 3-10X more valuable!

That’s the life of my dreams!

What are your thoughts? Comment below

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