Using 80/20 in your business and personal life

Ready to skyrocket your sales?

Use 80/20

Ready to skyrocket free time?

Use 80/20

Ready to increase your happiness?

Use 80/20

Attached you will find a quote. This quote illustrates that some of our customers will pay much more than the average.

Because of this, it’s important to offer a line of products, catered to each price range. For example. Offer a $100, $500, and $2,500 product.

Each of which should provide around 10X the cost in value delivered. Understanding the difference between cost and value will help you navigate the 80/20 principle.

But for now, I’ll illustrate how to use 80/20 for the following examples:

Skyrocket your sales: If you go door to door and feel it ineffective, imagine crafting just one email, written well, that delivers to thousands of qualified customers the same as door to door would deliver. Would that be 5X+ more valuable in time? That’s 80/20

Skyrocket your free time: If you jot down all the tasks you do to move your business forward, you’ll find that 20% of the activities move 80% of your business forward. Is it exactly 20%? Maybe not… but it’s close enough. Effectively execute on the 20% and delegate the additional 80% to a subordinates, or hire a virtual assistant on UpWork for $5.00 an hour.

Increase your happiness: Similarly to business, about 80% of your happiness will occur from 20% of the activities you pursue and 20% of your friends. Similarly, 20% of friends will cause 80% of the drama. Dump those!

In order to maximize your happiness, it may help to identify on paper exactly which friends make your life richer. And which activities make you happy. Allocate more time with these special people and do more of these fulfilling activities.

Future you will thank you!

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