2020 Migration Trends: U-Haul Ranks 50 States by Migration Growth | U-Haul

Whether you are in business or investing in real estate, it’s important to know net migration statistics.

This growth indicator points where the puck is going, so one can make sound investment and business decisions.

Why is this important?

This can have an impact on rent rates, small business, taxes and more!

Using UHaul one way statistics is just one way to know what’s going on.

Enjoy the below

“Tennessee posted the largest net gain of U-Haul® trucks crossing its borders in 2020, making it the No. 1 U-Haul growth state for the first time.”
— Read on www.uhaul.com/Articles/About/2020-Migration-Trends-U-Haul-Ranks-50-States-By-Migration-Growth-22746/

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