Make more money or increase your lifestyle?

Just talking to a buddy and was reminded of a simple truth.

In order to improve your income or quality of life there are at least two options.

But before I go there…

In one week there are 168 hours.

About a third of them are for sleeping.

So what are you going to do with the other hours?

Well, maybe we’d say that some of them work be for work…

How much work?

Let’s call it 60 hours a week.

So today, if one was to produce to their highest productivity they can either learn to…

Produce more income and maintain 60 hours of “operating.”

Or produce more dollars within that same time.

Let’s say the person makes $1200 a week in those $60 hours or $20 an hour.

In order to improve their life, they must increase their ability to earn and maintain the 60 hours.

Or they can learn to produce, for example, $40 an hr and work 30 hours a week.

Would working half as much be an improvement in lifestyle?

I think so!

What are your thoughts?

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