5 Tips on how to make big achievements as an entrepreneur

Are you an entrepreneur looking to succeed?

Do you get bogged down with big aspirations, but struggle to just get started?

As an entrepreneur, it can be hard to stick ideas through to success and make all the achievements that are possible.

So, today’s simple post is to inspire and educate on the 5 Tips on how to make big achievements as an entrepreneur:

Tip 1: Never give up

Sounds corny, right? But never give up. This means to learn and develop the ability to take losses in stride.

Committing to being entrepreneurial means sustaining the willingness to fail forward, make errors, learn along the way, and more.

The business plan or strategy may change, but never give up on the dreams to be successful.

Tip 2: Iterate as you go

Being an entrepreneur and moving forward as such means… to learn as you go!

Testing and doing business will provide market feedback and can help make new decisions and iterations otherwise known as kaizen.

The best message I’ve heard on iterating, learning, and making decisions as you go comes from Gary Vaynerchuck when he said something like:

“New Data = New Decisions

You shouldn’t be afraid to make new decisions if necessary.

Tip 3: Remind yourself DAILY that everything starts small

Even Jeff Bezos believes in this concept. Everything starts small. Measuring growth rates can be a good way to tell if you’re in the right position.

For example, Jeff Bezos worked to create a business model that made sense in the thousand percent year over year growth rates that were occurring for the internet at that time.

It took him many years to become the success he is today, but all the while he constantly reminding himself that all great things start small.

Tip 4: Know when to quit vs when to persevere

There is a time to quit and a time to persevere. A good way to go about this is to write down the conditions that would occur to create a quitting situation and what conditions would be perseverance conditions and do this all before embarking into a new business or project. (Read Seth Godins: When to Quit Book for more info)

I also believe if you start small, and shoot business concepts out in phases, while holding indifference to let the market tell if the concept / business is sound— that you’ll be better off for a million reasons.

You can do this by creating minimum viable concepts and decide on defined resources that will be allocated and milestones that should occur for minimum proof of concept viability.

For example, “I’m going to call 100 people and 30 must answer, 20 must think it’s interesting, and 5 must put down their CC for purchasing before moving forward.”

Tip 5: Surround yourself with the right people

When all else fails, surround yourself with the right people. Being on a team of winners is important if you want to move forward.

That’s it for today.

Always remember: You are powerful beyond measure. You can do all things you put your mind to. The sky is the limit!



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